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This round of public sale is exclusive to DeFrame WL token holders. Connect to your wallet and verify your purchase eligibility.

Silver Gray

Customise your DeFrame

Every DeFrame comes with a standard DeFrame brand logo engraving. You can also replace it with a custom DeGods brand logo.


1-year Limited Warranty

Every DeFrame is protected by a complimentary 1-year warranty. A product certificate NFT will be issued to your wallet upon successful purchase. Please visit Terms & Conditions.

Connect wallet. Verify NFT ownership.

Minimalist design. Minimise visual distraction.

2K resolution display. Preserving the vibrant colours, shades and details of the original artwork with a wide range of media format support.

The removable kickstand provides mechanical stability to the frame body.

Magnetic charging cable. Effortlessly powerful.

Two-directional display. Appreciate NFTs at your preferred angle.

What’s in the Box

  • DeFrame
  • USB-C magnetic charging cable

Frequently Asked Questions

This round of public sale is made exclusive to DeFrame WL token holders. The official contract address of the WL token is here.

If you own a DeFrame WL token, you are entitled to purchase up to 2 units of DeFrame of any color choices. The only accepted currency in this public sale is USDC token.

Once you've completed your purchase order and filled in the shipping details, a transaction will be initiated on your wallet:

1. Your WL token will be burned.
2. The total amount of your order (in USDC) will be transferred to our store account.

A successful transaction indicates that you've acquired DeFrame from this public sale. You'll be redirected to the order status page where you can redeem the product certificate NFT when its prepared and review your order summary.
Solana and Ethereum. However, as we are a strong believer of a multi-chain world, we plan to integrate with additional EVM-compatible blockchains in the near future.
Absolutely Not. The DeFrame is non-custodial. By connecting your wallet, DeFrame verifies the NFT ownership in your selected wallet on Solana and Ethereum blockchains.
Our manufacturing unit will initiate production once the public sale completes. The manufacturing lead time will be around 45 days. A series of quality assurance tests will be carried out to obtain the necessary documents for custom clearance.

We estimate that this batch of product will be shipped in December. Meanwhile, buyer will be granted exclusive access to a discord channel and order status dashboard to receive regular production and shipping updates.
We are working with a global shipping partner, so we will be able to ship to most countries. Visit supported regions for more information.
Please note that import tariffs and customs regulations vary around the world. We recommend that you consult your local experts with any questions.
For any changes to the mailing address for your DeFrame, please contact